Alex Robinson


Parkour/Freerunning Athlete and Coach, Cinematographer, Student at UTS

Alex, parkour professional athlete since 2009, has travelled the world competing in various events and gatherings to expand his knowledge and passion for movement.  Of British nationality, Alex was born in Vietnam in 1996 spending his earlier years in Ho Chi Minh city.  In 2002, he moved to Australia and currently resides in Sydney where he continues to pursue his passion for movement whilst studying a Bachelor degree in Construction Project Management at UTS.

Passionate about sharing his skills and knowledge, Alex dedicates time to teach others who want to learn and improve body flow and movement through urban and natural environments.  His teachings inspire new athletes to enjoy a sport that not only develops a fun outdoor lifestyle, but also improves health, body and mind.

Alex has taught Parkour for over 5 years, at Jump Squad’s weekly classes, Galstaun college, in Vietnam and for personal clients. In his free time, Alexander loves to camp with friends and family, capturing precious moments through film and photography – another one of his passions.

You can contact Alex for personal training on 0403 370 519.