Parkour instructor training with PCYC and Jump Squad

Parkour Instructor Training with PCYC

Parkour is one of the world’s fastest growing physical activities, and Jump Squad is stoked to be at the forefront in Australia. Senior Instructors Djordje and Max have created a new ‘Parkour Foundation – Instructor Training’ program, and the PCYC was keen to be the first organisation to take part.

Parkour instructor training with PCYC and Jump Squad
Parkour instructor training with PCYC and Jump Squad

Over two days in January 2016 a group of 13 PCYC coaches came from all over regional NSW to take part in Jump Squad’s program. They all had different backgrounds in movement and teaching. Some had previous Parkour experience but no teaching, and some had previous teaching experience, but no Parkour. Luckily, Djordje and Max were prepared for this diverse skill set.

The program ran all coaches through the absolute basic movements of Parkour and how to correctly teach them. This involved warm ups, quadrupedal movement, rolls, landings, precisions, and basic vaults. However, the program also included the important theoretical aspect of Parkour, such as its history and the meaning of “Être fort pour être utile.”

Over the intensive two days, the coaches become familiar with teaching, demonstrating and  the philosophy behind Parkour. Afterwards, the coaches took their new learned skills back to their local PCYC, where they could practice and perfect teaching and demonstrating the basics of Parkour.

Today, there are well over 100 weekly students in Parkour classes being run in PCYCs across NSW – Amazing, keep it up guys and girls! Jump Squad is excited to be in the process of planning the 2017 program. The future of Parkour classes in Australia is looking very bright!


Jump Sqyad PCYC instructor training
The next generation of PCYC parkour instructors after a classic Jump Squad conditioning challenge.